Amber Schofman’ Expertise Mirrors Excellence

Amber Schofman, Vice President of – a travel management advisory company – spells determination and unrivaled managerial acumen. With her hands-on experience and ability to understand the needs of our client companies, she has been a vital resource for

Managing the different operational departments of takes a very high detailed, problem solving, focused manager. Amber plays a crucial role to ensure all department within the organization are working in sync and communicating in the most simplified manner.

Let’s take a look at her professional bio:

Community Director, Central Properties, Inc.

Duties Include:

  • Maintaining 10 apartment communities in the North/North Central Austin area and 8 duplexes throughout Austin
  • Scheduling paperwork processing and move-in dates
  • Processing rents, posting notices and following up on late payments
  • Ensuring compliance with Community Policies and Guidelines
  • Maintaining contact with prospective tenants
  • Managing all make ready projects and ensure each unit is move-in ready by its lease date
  • Scheduling and executing showings
  • Pre-assigning units
  • Liaising between community residents and corporate officers
  • Managing general administrative duties

Community Director, Roberts Communities

  • Managing all aspects of Community Office Management
  • Liaising between community residents and corporate officers
  • Maintaining community
  • Maintaining accounts, like payable, receivable, payroll, budget
  • Managing human resources
  • Managing general administrative duties

CWS Apartments, Community Assistant Director

  • Managing all aspects of community office management
  • Supporting community director
  • Liaising between community residents and Community Director
  • Maintaining of community
  • Managing human resources
  • Providing budget-support to director
  • Managing accounts payable and receivable
  • Performing general administrative duties

Executive Assistant, AmeriplanUSA Corporation

  • Assisting Divisional Director as well as field representatives
  • Maintaining Travel scheduling for Divisional Director
  • Maintaining calendars of events/travel
  • Maintaining calendars of events/travel
  • Maintaining organized records systems
  • Managing research accounts; verify/adjust commissions when necessary
  • Managing media production for various meetings
  • Mediating between field representatives when necessary
  • Assisting with National Conventions and Conferences
  • Creating reports both regular weekly and as necessary
  • Performing General clerical duties

Experience what Amber gained over years has proved vital for the success of