Amber Schofman – Profile and Achievements

Amber Schofman is a woman with unparalleled determination and will, which helped her achieve remarkable milestones during her career spanning more than two decades.

It is due to her sheer commitment towards her professional values that she has proved her proficiency in property and facility management, corporate housing and work lodging industries. Experience she gained over years has enabled her to perform responsibilities as Vice President at

Her presence enables the company to perform travel management and crew logistics for their clients. Her focus is to simplify client company’s operations and systems. With a keen insight and overview of a company’s travel policies and procedures, she works with her team to offer solutions to make them more efficient, thereby saving clients in-house labor and unnecessary costs.

Her managerial acumen enablesAs an Executive Team Leader of she brings om to gain insight into the operations side and requirements of partner facilities across the USA, which ultimately helps assists to simplify and company upgrade its services.evolve the best service for its clients.

She drives the company to provide the best possible services related to lodging expenditure reduction, employee travel, travel management, strategic procurement solutions, customized reporting technology, credit solutions, real time tracking & job cost reporting and crew facilities standardization of facility vetting.